Check Out

The final stage of the process is the Check Out Inspection

The original signed inventory is taken to the property where it is thoroughly inspected and a full report including photographs is sent to the Landlord.

The keys will be accounted for and if there are any missing then this information is reported immediately for security purposes.

If there are any leaks or concerns with the property then these are also reported straight away.

The Electric, Gas and Water readings will be taken where required.

The inspection is then separated into two main sections for cleaning requirements and damages and/or changes.

This separation enables a quick and easy report for the landlord to be able to to arrange specific services prior to relet with the minimum of time delay.

The gardens and external areas, including sheds, windows, satellite fixtures, cabling and garages are inspected taking into consideration seasonal changes for the garden areas.

Comprehensive and high quality photographs are taken of all large defects/damages with a concise description of the area concerned.

Any areas that have been improved upon or altered in any way will also be included in our report. This includes new telephone/modem/cables installed during the tenancy. .