Assurance for Tenants

A large percentage of our tenants have never rented before and we understand that it can be quite daunting experience. There is a lot to arrange, from the furniture removal, deposits to be paid and children to be looked after.

We offer an assurance that the property that you are moving into has been accurately and fully described - down to the taps!

We have a highly experienced and friendly team that will make this part of the process less overwhelming for you. We would have already spent time at the property in the previous days and will have a detailed report of its condition. You are welcome to add changes to the report if agreed by the inventory clerk or contact us prior to you move in if you have any queries.

Limit Disputes

The Inventory will protect your deposit and limit any disputes at the end of tenancy for pre-existing conditions. All rooms are photographed and described in full so it would not be possible for a Landlord to ask you to pay for damage that was there prior to you moving in.

Deposit protection schemes use these documents widely and they are very effective in solving disputes or issues. When ending your tenancy your money will probably be required for other uses , as a company we aim to reduce the amount of time you need to spend dealing with unsolved problems, the smoother the process the quicker you will be able to have your deposit returned.

Hassle Free Check In

On the day of the check in we will arrange to meet you and take you through the process., explaining all aspects and answering your questions. Be assured that even of you are in a rush and have a hundred other things on your mind, the property you are moving into is accurately recorded and the paperwork will be kept in a secure location until you decide to end your tenancy.