The Check In

Check In

This is arranged between ourselves and the tenant for the first day of tenancy.

This is a critical part of our process and enables the tenant to fully understand their responsibilities The keys will be checked against the document in case any extra keys have been cut since the inventory was carried out.


The Electric, Gas and Water readings will be taken where required to ensure the exact reading The tenant can then fully check the property against the Inventory and ensure it is accurate.

Explaining the Process

The process is fully explained to ensure that they are aware of their responsibility towards reporting maintenance issues and concerns The tenant has the option to add small changes with the authorisation of the inventory clerk.

Any changes made by the Landlord since the inventory was carried out will also be included.


The document is then signed in full by both the inventory clerk and all tenants.

This paperwork is then returned to the branch or landlord concerned and is kept in a secure location until the tenancy has ended.