Peace of Mind

We understand how important your house is to you, and we will visit and document your house to ultimately give you peace of mind. Our report will be an accurate and fully comprehensive document that will detail your property and all aspects of it.

Every Landlord has a huge investment - both monetary and emotionally - in their property and wish it to be protected in the best possible way. Our Inventory is a way in which you can protect your property against damage by the Tenant. It will be clear immediately on a check out inspection of any/all defects and issues that have occurred during a particular tenancy and because there is an authorised and signed document in the form of our Inventory the need for a dispute will be minimal.

Tenants Responsibilities

There is a risk of having unpaid costly damages or cleaning bills, but these risks are greatly reduced due to the fact that if they were not pre-existing then they will be described as the Tenant’s responsibility and ultimately they will have to pay for the damage.

Having a comprehensive inventory such as ours will provide you an assurance policy that all issues and damages or a unapproved alterations that have occurred or caused by the Tenant will be compensated fairly at the end of a tenancy.

Limit Disputes

Deposit protection schemes use these documents widely and they are very effective in solving disputes or issues, without an Inventory the dispute system and trying to gain reimbursement for damages is problematic.

Time is one of the most valuable commodities in a modern day world, as a company we aim to reduce the amount of time you need to spend dealing with unsolved problems, the smoother the process the quicker you will be able to re-let your property again. On the day of the Inventory we will collect the keys from a specified branch or pre arranged location. You are more than welcome to attend the inspection or call us. If you wish inform of us any works that you will be carrying out during the early stages of the tenancy such as garden maintenance or decoration then this can be added to the report.