Mid Term Visits

An interim visit is carried out at specific times during the tenancy to ensure that the property is being well maintained and looked after, any issues are reported immediately.

A twenty point checklist is used to assess that the property is being well looked after. Any issues that are found are recorded - these range from black spot mould to limescale found on chrome fittings. These issues are then sent to the tenant in a follow up letter detailing how they can rectify the problem. Comprehensive and high quality photographs are taken of every room and of any maintenance/tenant issues with a concise description of the area concerned.

The gardens are also photographed. A full check of the property is carried out to assess any maintenance issues of areas that are showing signs of heavy wear or age. The Landlord is then informed of these concerns. This enables the Landlord to be aware of the condition of the property without having to visit it personally.

Issues such as blocked or leaking gutters or initial signs of damp can be resolved much more quickly and with less cost when found early.

We feel that this is particularly valuable for longer term lets or landlords not living near their properties.